Piano lessons

Dynamic Music Academy offers keyboard lessons for all ages and skill levels. Our instructors guide you from your first lesson to performing live shows at local music venues.

Book a Piano Lesson

Give us a call for more assistance on (08) 6205 1080.

Piano lessons for all levels

  • Beginners: From no Piano Skills to Basic Piano Skills.
  • Intermediate: improve your existing Piano skills.
  • Advanced: get to the next level and be ready to perform live.

Piano lessons for beginners

Our lessons start by teaching popular songs and implementing basic skills such as finger placement, scales, rhythm and pedaling. 

Working through the Rockschool AMEB books that we offer is highly recommended for the piano students. 

Master your scales and play like Elton John!

Piano lessons for intermediate and advanced

Once we identify that they have progressed past a beginner level, the students will develop their skills further by learning more advanced keyboard techniques and being able to move around the keys more freely, not only with their right hand but the left too. 

Join the band program to fulfill the complete experience of being a keys player.

Perform at our annual concerts

Become a Better Musician and Impress your Family and Friends at our Annual Music Shows!

Perform in front of hundreds of People and show them your Best Skills.

Frequently asked questions about Piano lessons

The keyboard is one of the most accessible instruments on the market and is the most popular, in demand to play. You can start young to acquire the basics and progress as quick as the student can learn.

Depending on the duration of the lesson, Dynamic Music Academy’s lessons start at $39 ranging up to $65.

Students are encouraged to purchase their own keyboard for practice at home but we provide one for the lessons. All you need to do is bring your hands!